Vending Machines

Vending machines shouldn’t be a frustration point at your place of business. Using the right vending machines is crucial to providing the best service possible. You can sleep easy knowing we are using the best technology available. We could be a little biased but we think our machine is the best! 

A vending machine should be able to take cashless and cash payments. Credit card readers are the keystone for vending machines in the 21st century. They allow us to remotely monitor the vending machines as well as provide you with many more convenient payment options. If you still want to pay with cash or with coins we will take those as well. Should you have a vending machine that doesn’t accept all these methods reach out.

Have you ever been snubbed by a vending machine? That’s the worst. Wherever possible we use vending machines with drop sensors or delivery sensors so that doesn’t happen to you.

You should be able to see what you are purchasing. Our machines are glass front vending machines so you can see what you are buying with full transparency

You want choices and your vending machine should have plenty of choices. The QFV 50 Vending machine comes with 50 selections. 10 chip selections, 10 candy selections, and 30 drink selections!

Sometimes you need different options. A vending machine should be able to vend what you want. Our machines can vend just about anything. We can vend all the impossible from 16.9oz water bottles to Red Bull to glass and even square items. For those that want fresh food or other items don’t worry, we can vend those as well.

What Features Should Our Vending Machine Have?

We’ve seen too many vending machines that are out of date. This means your service could be a lot better. The most up-to-date technology allows for better service.

Credit Card Reader

Credit card readers aren't just for cashless payments. They are the source of all the information. We collect information such as inventory levels, problems, transactions, and managing every level of the business.
MEI Coin Acceptor

Coin Acceptor

While coin acceptor technology hasn't changed much in the last few years there are better coin acceptors that just generally work better than others. They should be MDB capable.
Bill validator sticker

Bill Validator

A bill validator can accept up to $100 bills. While we don't allow them to you should be able to use $1s and $5s. If you can't use anything but a $1 bill you likely have old technology that isn't MDB. Bills were updated in 2008 to give you an idea of how old some equipment is still in service.

Drop Sensors or Guaranteed Delivery

Have you ever bought an item in a vending machine and not gotten it? You lost your money and now what? Wherever possible the vast majority of equipment we use have sensors
Desktop UPDATE

Vending Management Software

We use vending management software (VMS) to manage our route. This allows us to see problems with equipment, manage drivers, see what is selling, and so much more via alerts sent to our phones.


These are the questions that we get asked the most

What Products Can You Vend?

Where other vendors have issues we do not. As long as it fits in a coil we can deliver the product. The best part is the whole machine is refrigerated so we can even offer fresh food.

Chips And Wafers


The QFV 50 can vend small or regular chips.



Candy sized items are easy.



16.9oz to 20oz bottles are not a problem.



Prefer a 12oz can? We got you.

Irregular Items


Fun fact. Red Bulls are some of the hardest items to vend. Luckily we can do that no problem. Along with protein drinks and cup of noodles.

Can we choose the products?

Of course you can. We will work with the local operator to make sure you are getting the products you want!

What are the dimensions of the QFV 50?

Selections 50
Capacity ~295 pcs
Type Spiral
Dimensions 72″H x 41″W x 31″D
Weight 575lbs
Protocol M.D.B

Can we just buy our own machine for our own location?

Sure! Just reach out to us to discuss. We can explain what it would look like and give you a quote.